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Little update and prayer request

I wrote our agency yesterday to check on our waitlist #.  One of our grants asks that we update them each month on our adoption status.  Which I kind of like, because it gives me a little excuse to write our agency each month.  We have moved down a few more spots and are now #25 on the waitlist.

Even though I know we have only moved down because others have switched programs or put their adoption plans on hold, I'm still trying to stay hopeful that our little girl is out there waiting for us.  Much of the delay has been caused by Ethiopia first trying to place children domestically (from what I have read on other agency blogs) and then internationally.  If this slower process helps develop a more ethical adoption culture in Ethiopia, then we are happy to continue to wait as long as it may take.  The hurt and suffering birth families and their children face makes my impatience to know who my little girl is seem completely petty.

For those children in the orphanages that have been there for years, waiting and waiting for a family....please pray for them that they can be reunited with birth family if at all possible or released to be adopted.  Nothing breaks my heart more then thinking of all the children, especially older ones growing up in an orphanage.  Please pray that regional governments will make decisions swiftly so their children can be in the arms of a loving family.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers, it's means so very much to our family.

One of my favorite photos of Luke at his farewell ceremony over 3 years ago.  
There wasn't a dry eye in the room that night.



Our agency sent us an unexpected email the other day telling us we had moved down another spot on the wait list.  We are now actually #30.  I know....this must seem like such little progress to many of you but we were thrilled!  We still probably have another year or more to wait for our referral, but that just means more time for us to prepare to become a family of 6!


Summer update & great video

Yep we are still waiting and waiting.  It sounds more and more like we may be in for a very long wait to find out who our little girl is.  The orphanage partnerships our agency works with are changing and evolving, the regional authorities aren't moving very quickly on signing off on adoption paperwork and in general adoptions in Ethiopia have slowed down dramatically over the last year.

All of this while thousands of children sit waiting in orphanages.  We continue to pray for all of the children "stuck", for those that can and should be reunited with their birth parents and that Ethiopia may develop it's own domestic program.  Every child deserves to be in a loving family.

On a side note a friend shared this link with me.  I think every adoptive parent should watch this Tedx talk by Jillian Lauren.  Your family and friends should too.  She spoke right to my heart.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!